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Living more simply in an earth-and-wallet friendly way is one of my long-term goals. It’s not about being cheap or miserly, as I believe that a simpler life is truly more enjoyable and fulfilling. The excitement and convenience of many aspects of life makes it difficult to remember to slow down and think every once in a while. Life can easily become one big rush with no time for leisure. I consider myself fortunate to live in a rural area an hour away from the city. Without the rush of city living, it is easier to appreciate simplicity.

  • There are a few ways that I’ve “downgraded” from modern technology:Line-drying clothes. I really enjoy line drying our clothes. It reduces our power usage and takes advantage of our most abundant resource in the desert. It’s only May, and already it’s so hot and dry that clothes are dry in 10-30 minutes! Taking advantage of the power of the sun is a great idea, and I plan to expand on this in the future (solar oven, solar water heating…) I also find it really relaxing to hang clothes. It gives me time to think by myself. The sun bleaches stains, clothes receive less wear… oh man, I could go on about line drying. It may get its own post.

  • Making Bread by Hand. There’s something so fulfilling about eating a sandwich on homemade bread. Kneading is very relaxing and fun. When I first started experimenting with bread, I used a bread machine. We’ve found that we like the hand kneaded stuff better, as it is easier to slice and has a better texture. And the whole house smells like warm bread on a regular basis. This is a good thing.
  • No frozen dinners. These things are PACKED with chemicals and preservatives that I can’t even pronounce. I’d rather freeze a few homemade dishes. For me, it’s a big deal to know exactly what we are putting into our mouths.
  • No cable. I don’t like the content of most commercials. Even on kids’ channels, there are a lot of commercials that are definitely not kid-appropriate. For now, we’re pretty happy with Netflix. We get 1 DVD at a time, as well as unlimited streaming for $15 per month. I’m thinking about getting a Roku box, as seen on The Frugal Girl.

Simpler makes me happier and less stressed. So-called “conveniences” can cause as many problems as they solve! I also really look forward to the simple joy of eating home-grown foods in the future, maybe even getting a cow for fresh milk.

Think simple. Live simple. Love simple.