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Every week, Kristen at the frugal girl blogs about her food waste for the preceding week. She invites other bloggers to post about their food waste in an effort to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away. So, I’ve joined the effort and here’s this week’s food waste!


On Monday, I brought out a BRAND NEW container of sliced ham for sandwiches. It was still sealed and everything. Only after making everyone’s sandwiches did we realize that the ham was totally spoiled. We had to toss all of the sandwiches, wasting the last of our homemade bread 😦  It was a sad, sad day. And I’m pretty sure the meat thing wasn’t my fault, we were still a few weeks before the use-by date. It was still depressing to lose a whole pound of meat.

Wednesday, I lost an ENTIRE cantaloupe. Yeah. The whole thing. I didn’t even cut into it. I stuck it into the handy-dandy wire fruit drawer two weeks ago and completely forgot about it until it was too mushy to cut into. It went to compost, though, so it’s not as bad as it could have been.

It wasn’t a great week. Hopefully next week will be better….

On a side note, the summer semester has started for me, so I have less time for writing.. I probably won’t be posting every day for the next month or so. I have 3 accelerated classes and 1 regular speed class. I’m going to be a busy girl until the end of August!