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Eating lunch at work can get EXPENSIVE really quickly. Every Monday, I make the one-hour drive into Vegas to work as a clerk at my dad’s law firm. It’s a fifty mile drive, so the first two hours of work pay for the gas it takes to make the trip. With such a big chunk going straight to gas, it’s really important not to waste money on lunch!

The hardest part is that there’s a Denny’s diner two doors over from the office. The $3 quesadilla is mighty tempting most days. BUT there is a lot to be said for packing a lunch from home. It’s MUCH cheaper. When I bring my own lunch, I also know what goes into it. Who knows what kinds of oils and greases go into Denny’s sauces? Who knows what kinds of fillers go into their foods?

Here’s my fast and frugal lunch for today:

The jar is a recycled queso dip jar, which turns out to be just the right size for a cup of homemade yogurt and half a cup of frozen mixed berries. The berries keep the yogurt cool and sweeten the yogurt as they thaw.

A banana, an apple, and an aluminum water bottle. It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Finally, a lunch at work that I don’t have to feel guilty about!

Today, I even managed to pass up the donuts that someone brought.

I would venture to guess that my healthy lunch cost less than a trip to Denny’s, and I am absolutely positive that it was healthier!

What are your healthy lunches for work?