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It’s summer in Nevada, and that means that the temperatures are high and the humidity is low. We have to limit our outside time to mornings and evenings from June until September because the kids sunburn in about 10 minutes during the day and I don’t like using a lot of sunscreen. It’s expensive and it’s a load of unnecessary chemicals. It’s easier to have them go out in the parts of the day where sunburn is less of an issue.

As the temperatures creep ever higher (today will hit 102° F), it becomes more important to encourage the kids to drink a lot of water.

I will admit, I make kool-aid during the summer. With half the sugar. The kids get one cup of kool-aid every day, and the rest of the day they get water. Hydration is higher on my priority list than avoiding sugar.

We also use kool-aid and fruit juices to make popsicles. I particularly like Minute Maid punches in the popsicle mold– berry punch is my favorite!

Getting toddlers to drink enough water is actually pretty simple. I took them to Ross and let them pick fancy water bottles:

Every morning, I fill the bottles up and put them on a little section of counter near their play area. I usually don’t even have to remind them to drink! They love the new bottles.

When these wear out, we’ll probably get something more durable. The next round of water bottles will probably be aluminum like mine (you can see my water bottle in the post about frugal work lunches). But the kids’ bottles are pretty and bright, and they encourage the kids to drink more. Even though they aren’t aluminum, they get the job done!