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It really feels like school is kicking my behind this semester. I’m taking 3 super-accelerated classes. English and Education 214, for example, have both been compressed down to 4 weeks. Nevada State History has been pushed down to 8 weeks, and fortunately Astronomy is a bit slower. I’m now halfway through the 4-week classes, so in 2 more weeks my load will lighten up considerably. For now, I’m BURNT. OUT. Exhausted. But anyway…

Photo Credit: The Gilcrease Orchard

Sometime in the near future, I want to visit the Gilcrease Orchards. It’s a 140 acre farm/orchard in the Las Vegas Valley. Their produce prices are super-reasonable (50 cents/lb for onions, $1/lb for apricots..) and their stuff is local. I’m not sure if they’re entirely organic, but they are pesticide and preservative free. And they also have amazing local cider, which they sell frozen solid because it has no preservatives.The Orchard is a great and frugal option for fresh local produce. The history is really interesting too…

Photo Credit: NV State Parks

I’ll also probably be heading up to the Old Mormon Fort in downtown Las Vegas. The Fort has some of the oldest buildings in the entire state, as well as a museum. I need to visit a local museum for my history class, so we might as well turn it into a family outing. The best part is admission is only $1 for adults, and the kids are free! Frugal family outings. Love it.