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Toddlers. Both Dom and Samantha are potty-trained at this point.. it’s a wonderful thing. I now only have to change ONE kid’s diapers all day.

However, having two toddlers using the same bathroom can be a problem sometimes. Here’s a pretty common scenario around here:

“I need to go potty!”

“NO, I need to go potty first!”

*thundering footsteps*

…followed by a squabble near the bathroom door.

Samantha just potty-trained using the 3-day method a few months ago and she’s pretty possessive of the toilet right now. So any time anyone else needs the bathroom, she decides she needs to go as well.
Going potty used to be even more exciting because of the rewards. Now she only gets one chocolate chip, and only when she goes #2. I’m sure we’ll wean her off the chocolate chips before too much longer, but for now they keep her motivated.

The potty training process has been relatively painless both times thanks to the 3-day method.  Quick and easy effective. Just how I like it.