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About a week ago, I discovered a functional ice cream maker in the laundry room. We’re constantly finding interesting things left behind by the in-laws when they used to live here (we’re renting their old house). When I found the ice cream maker, I was super excited. Living an hour away from the grocery store means that bringing ice cream home isn’t exactly practical. Even in a cooler, the ice cream gets soft around the edges, then gets hard and icky when it refreezes.

Making our own ice cream seemed like a great idea.

I scoured the web for recipes, eventually choosing Six Threes Ice Cream.  It’s a super delicious combination of orange and lemon. I used a mixture of lemons and limes, then added some vanilla to make it taste smoother and creamier. The resulting mixture tasted like a melted creamsicle! I proceed to put it in the ice cream maker, along with the ice I’ve laboriously been making in ice cube trays for the last 2 days. I turn it on, hear the motor running… and notice that nothing is happening. As it turns out, the lid to the canister is missing. The machine has to grip that lid and spin the canister around the paddle in order to stir the ice cream. Without the lid, it’s useless.

“No problem,” I think. I run to the laundry room and grab a corded drill. Upon trying to attach the drill to the paddle, I find that the handle of the paddle is SLIGHTLY too large for the drill to tighten around it. All I got from that effort was some very sore, shredded hands.

After trying the drill, I was about ready to give up. I would turn the mixture into smoothies, but I just dumped salt on every ice cube in the house. And I currently don’t have a blender.

I refused to give up, though! I dumped ice cream mix into a 9×13 pan and put it in the freezer. I’ve been stirring it every 20 minutes for the last few hours and hopefully it will be done soon.