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This is “Six Threes Ice Cream.” And it’s completely and utterly delicious. And it was super easy to make! Here’s the original recipe from allrecipes.com Oh, and if you missed it, I struggled to make this ice cream yesterday.

Here’s the recipe..

Six Threes Ice Cream

3 cups milk

3 cups heavy cream

3 oranges, juiced

3 lemons or limes, juiced

3 cups sugar

3 bananas, mashed

*I also added 2 teaspoons of vanilla.

Whisk the sugar into the milk and cream. Mix in the bananas and juices. Freeze in an ice cream maker or do it in the freezer using this method.

I ended up using the freezer method. It took a lot of stirring and a long time, but the results were wonderful. The kids most certainly approve of my efforts.

On a side note, I want to figure out how to remove the date from my pictures. I can’t quite figure it out, and it really bugs me.

Summer is for ice cream, and you can’t beat homemade ice cream!