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Before taking off for work this morning, I tossed some chicken in the slow cooker with about a cup of water and some BBQ sauce.

(still haven’t figured out how to turn the yellow dates off)

We were gone all day and got home at 7:30. The whole house smelled wonderful! Dinner was as simple as a plate with a piece of chicken, bread and jam, and some fresh strawberries on the side. All for about 10 minutes of active effort on my part 😉

By starting dinner before leaving this morning, I saved us about $25 by not buying fast food for dinner.

I feel pretty good about this!

Oh, and today we also finalized everything on our new car and got to bring it home! We now have an Expedition sitting in the driveway! It’s actually just as gas efficient as the old car, and has more room AND working A/C. I’m a happy girl!

I also planted pumpkins last Friday. I’ll post a picture of them when they start to sprout! Right now, they’re just mounds of dirt. And that’s just not exciting.