Don’t let the news get you down.

Seriously. It’s so easy to get depressed when reading the news online. Everything seems more grave when it’s in print instead of being read by a real person.

First, know that I HAAAATE politics. With a raging, fiery passion. Reading political news always makes me a) sad or b) angry. And neither helps me. I’m sure that no mater what your political views are, you’ve had en entire day ruined by one silly online article at some point.

Especially if you read the comments. And especially if you engaged in the comment war that always follows political articles (not that I would know from experience…*cough*).

Here’s my tip for staying happy no matter what current events are: don’t read the comments. At all. They add nothing constructive and are more likely to frustrate you than anything else. It’s way too easy to have your whole day ruined by a troll!

When it comes to the news, I find that I’m the happiest if I read basic overviews of current events, but don’t read every version of every article out there. Also, if I limit my news time to about 15 minutes, I don’t have time to obsess.

Politics are fueled by angry people – but that anger doesn’t help me in my day-to-day life. In the long run, being angry about “X issue” only makes me and my family miserable.